• Screw/band (worm gear) clamps

    Screw clamps consist of a band, often galvanized or stainless steel, into which a screw thread pattern has been cut or pressed. One end of the band contains a captive screw. The clamp is put around the hose or tube to be connected, with the loose end being fed into a narrow space between the band...
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  • Chinese New Year – China’s Grandest Festival & Longest Public Holiday

    China’s Grandest Festival & Longest Public Holiday Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, is the grandest festival in China, with a 7-day long holiday.As the most colorful annual event, the traditional CNY celebration lasts longer, up to two weeks, and the cl...
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  • What is a Hose Clamp and How Does it Work?

    What is a Hose Clamp? A hose clamp is designed to secure a hose over a fitting, by clamping the hose  down, it prevents the fluid in the hose leaking at the connection. Popular attachments include anything from car engines to bathroom fittings. However, hose clamps can be used in a variety of dif...
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  • Knowledge of American Type Hose Clamp

    There are many kinds of hose clamp, and different hose clamp have different functions. General material of hose clamp is iron and stainless steel, specifications can be customized specifications at random, at the same time in the regulation of its role is very big, is as the pinnacle of hose and ...
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  • Worm Drive Hose Clamp

    Worm Drive Hose Clamp is also called German type hose clamp. German hose clamp is a kind of fastener used for connection. It is very small, but it plays a huge role in the fields of vehicles and ships, chemical oil, medicine, agriculture and mining. Hose clamps currently on the market include Am...
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  • How to complete the last month of 2020?

    2020 is an extraordinary year,which can be said to be a big shuffle.We can stay in the crisis and move forward,which requires the concerted efforts of every emplyee and every colleague. So in this extraordinary year,the last month,how can we strive to catch the final time? The most important asse...
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