Industry News

  • Folllow our steps , study hose clamps together

    Hose clamp is widely used in automobiles, tractors, forklifts, locomotives, ships, mining, petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and other water, oil, steam, dust, etc. It is an ideal connection fastener. Hose Clamps are relatively small and have very little value, but the role of ho...
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  • The 127th Online Canton Fair

    The 127th Online Canton Fair

    50 online exhibition areas with 24-hour service, 10×24 exhibitor exclusive broadcast room, 105 cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test areas and 6 cross-border e-commerce platform links are launched simultaneously…The 127th Canton Fair kicked off on 15th,June, marking the beginning of an...
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  • Team News

    Team News

    To enhance the business skills and level of the International trade team, expand work ideas, improve work methods and raise working efficiency, also to strengthen enterprise culture construction, enhance the communication within the team and the cohesion, General Manager—Ammy led the Intern...
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