Epidemic Situation News

Since the beginning of 2020, the corona virus pneumonia epidemic has occurred nationwide. This epidemic has a fast spread, a wide range, and great harm.ALL of the Chinese stay at home and not allow to go outside.We also do our own work at home for one month.

In order to ensure safety and epidemic prevention during the epidemic situation, all of the factory employees are united and actively to do the related epidemic prevention work, including preparation of various disinfection and protection products. Since the outbreak, we buy 84  disinfection to disinfect the office area every day, and items such as temperature guns, protective glasses, masks and other items are scheduled to be prepared for the post-resumption work. We also make the statistical work of every employee in the park during the epidemic situation, and accurately to make sure that travel situation of each employee. We stipulate that workers must wear masks on the way to factory and even during work time. The security personnel must do the security work carefully, not allow external personnel to enter the park without special circumstances; pay attention to new progress of the epidemic situation daily. If hidden safety risks happened, the relevant departments are notified in time and they are required to do their own isolation work.

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In the early April ,the corona virus started to spread out of the Europe and the Mid East where our customers live in.Consider that their countries are lack of masks,we send some mask and gloves to them for free.Hope each customer can live safely during this epidemic.

Since the occurrence of the epidemic, all employees of our company have taken the prevention and control of the epidemic as their common goal, and they are united to ensure that all employees have no epidemic.




Post time: Feb-25-2020