How much knowledge do you know about”Spring Clamp”?

Spring clamps are also called Japanese clamps and spring clamps. It is stamped from spring steel at a time to form a round shape, and the outer ring leaves two ears for hand pressing. When you need to clamp, just press both ears hard to make the inner ring bigger, then you can fit into the round tube, and then release the handle to clamp. Easy to use. Can be reused.
The spring clamp does not have clamping force in its natural state. It needs to be inserted into a round tube one size larger than the inner ring to generate the clamping force.
For example, a round tube with an outer diameter of 11 MM requires a clamp of 10.5 in its natural state, which can be clamped after being inserted. Specifically, the texture of the round tube is soft and hard.
The classification of spring clamps is distinguished by the thickness of the belt, which are ordinary spring clamps and reinforced spring clamps. The material thickness is 1-1.5 MM for ordinary spring clamp. 1.5-2.0 MM and above are reinforced spring clamps.
Because spring clamps have greater requirements for material springs, 65 MN, spring steel, is usually used after heat treatment.
Surface treatment: galvanized and passivated Fe/EP.Zn 8, dehydrogenation treatment according to QC/T 625.
Features: 1.360° inner ring precision design, after sealing is a complete circle uniformity, sealing performance is better;
2. No burr edge material treatment, effectively prevent pipeline damage;
3. After effective dehydrogenation treatment, long-term use does not need to worry about problems such as breakage;
4. According to the European standard surface treatment, the salt spray test can reach more than 800 hours;
5. Easy installation;
6. After 36 hours of continuous elasticity test to ensure high-strength mechanical properties

Post time: Nov-12-2020