How to complete the last month of 2020?

2020 is an extraordinary year,which can be said to be a big shuffle.We can stay in the crisis and move forward,which requires the concerted efforts of every emplyee and every colleague.

So in this extraordinary year,the last month,how can we strive to catch the final time?

The most important assessment if salesperson is performance,which is also the embodiment of ability.In order to catch the final time,I personally think it is the first to follow up the cooperative customers.Mak full use of this month,the peak sales season of foreign festivals will bring a certain amount of inventory digestion,so we need to meet the needs of old customers in time.

The second is the develop the new customers,In terms of developing new customers,we should grasp the customers who have already talked about and have a certaining depth understanding of each other.This kind of customer’s purchase demand should be grasped tightly.As long as there is a glimmer of opportunity,we should firmly grasp it.Especailly this year’s situation,we need to follow up urgently.Because the different between buying and not buying is just a matter of thinking,If they don’t buy it,at least the capital is still there.If they purchase the goods,the custtomer also has to bear the risk,but as long as they buy it,they will try to sell out the goods.Therefore,we as salesmen are very important.We need to tell our customers about our product advantages and market advantages,and give customers confidence,but also give us more,The cooperation of these customers will not only add points to this year’s performance,but also pave the way for a big explosion when the economy is good next year.

Except for doing the above steps well,as a salesman,we can not stop to develop new customers.Only with the contnuous increase of customer resource can we have more opportunities for cooperation.

2020 is an extraordinary year,we need to be more proactive than ever to follow up customers and activate our customer base.

In the last month,I hope each of us can make great efforts to achieve our goals and complete the task.

The harder you work,the luckier you are ~~~

Post time: Dec-04-2020