Knowledge of American Type Hose Clamp

There are many kinds of hose clamp, and different hose clamp have different functions.

General material of hose clamp is iron and stainless steel, specifications can be customized specifications at random, at the same time in the regulation of its role is very big, is as the pinnacle of hose and hard tube connected to a tube will have it, it is the role of locking joint, make its seal progressively tighter, there would be no air leakage phenomenon.

As before when people connect always can use iron wire to try firm, but the tightness of iron wire is limited, tighten to a certain degree of iron wire will produce disconnection phenomenon, will become useless, its force surface is very small, will scratch the surface of the hose.The application of throat band is the same as the fastening of iron wire, but it solves the problem that the fastening force cannot reach and the contact area is small.

In the industry, no matter what the joint, is inseparable from the emergence of throat band, throat band in the industry can clearly know the importance of!

The following is a brief introduction to the features and uses of the American throat band

The American throat band is divided into: 8mm bandwidth American type hose clamp, 10mm bandwidth American type hose clamp and 12.7mm bandwidth American type hose clamp. According to the steel band bandwidth -8mm,10mm,12.7mm and 14.2mm.Material isW1,W2&W4,W5



For easy fastening, you can also change the screw into a handle type, so that the operation is more convenient and fast



Its steel belt hollow-out design, can make the screw tightly gnawing the steel belt, the strength will be greater when being fastened, wide use, can be conveniently used for some large volume, outdoor equipment strapping.



Post time: Dec-25-2020