Team News

To enhance the business skills and level of the International trade team, expand work ideas, improve work methods and raise working efficiency, also to strengthen enterprise culture construction, enhance the communication within the team and the cohesion, General Manager—Ammy led the International  trade business team, which have nearly 20 people travel to Beijing, where we launched a special team building activities.


The team building activities took various forms, including mountaineering competition, beach competition and bonfire party. In the process of climbing, we competed and encouraged each other, showing the spirit of team unity.

After the competition, everyone gathered to drink and enjoy the local food;the ensuing campfire even burned everyone’s enthusiasm to the top.we were carrying out a variety of games, increased the feelings between colleagues virtually , improve everyone’s understanding and unity.


Through this team-building activity, we strengthened the communication and cooperation among departments and colleagues;reinforce the cohesion of the company; improve the work efficiency and the enthusiasm of employees. At the same time ,we can arrange the work tasks of the company in the second half of the year, go hand in hand to complete the final performance.

In current society, no one can stand on his own by himself. Corporate competition is not a personal competition, but a team competition. Therefore,we need to enhance leadership skills, implement humanistic management, advocate people to do their best, perform their duties, enhance team cohesion, achieve wisdom sharing, resource sharing, so that can achieve win-win cooperation, and ultimately achieve a high-quality and efficient team, thereby promoting the company’s quick development.


Post time: Jan-15-2020